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4 of April 2023

MMC and Squadeasy, a challenge for health and the planet

By encouraging individual health and well-being, participation in a social and environmental cause, and collaboration between members of a company, Squadeasy provides new challenges for a company committed to CSR.

Squadeasy is an application that offers sports challenges for companies, organisations and individuals. The aim is to motivate people to be more active and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The platform contributes to improving the health and well-being of individuals, which also helps to improve the performance of companies. In addition, Squadeasy offers challenges based on social and environmental causes.

Together with the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Luxembourg, MMC embarked on the "Make the seas clean again" challenge. The objective? To accumulate 400 000 km of movement (running, walking, cycling, etc.) over a period of one month, representing 10 trips around the world. The equivalent of the number of single-use plastic bags consumed in the world every 50 minutes! This challenge is for the benefit of the NGO The SeaCleaners which fights against plastic pollution in the oceans.

This fun action with individual and team missions, specific challenges (photos, quizzes) also encourages collaboration and communication between members of an organisation, in addition to being good for health and the planet!

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