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The national deconfinement protocol explained to expatriates coming to France

  • MMC
  • 18 of June 2020

Since the Coronavirus crisis, the world is experiencing an unprecedented situation with a major change in health protocol. Indeed, and even more so since the lockdown, companies taking over an activity must ensure the health and safety of their employees.

How to obtain financial grants AIDE MOBILI-PASS® at your repatriation to France

  • MMC
  • 16 of June 2020

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, many French expatriates have chosen to shorten their stay abroad and return to France. Among the main challenges upon returning from expatriation are finding accommodation in France and registering with the Social Security system.

Physical apartment visits in France after deconfinement

  • MMC
  • 11 of May 2020

Since May 11, Management Mobility Consulting team has started setting up physical visits of apartments and houses for clients in France. They always have the possibility to perform them virtually for those who wish. It is also possible to make remote visits and to visit only one or two preselected homes.

News from MMC Singapore: Adapted relocation services

  • MMC
  • 9 of April 2020

Since Wednesday April 8, Singapore has implemented a lockdown named «circuit braker». Schools and a large number of businesses will remain closed until the beginning of June.

COVID-19: Social Security Affiliations in France

  • MMC
  • 30 of March 2020

Management Mobility Consulting conducted a survey of several Primary Health Insurance Offices (CPAM) to obtain information on their activity during this COVID-19 period.

Covid19: Relocation Services in France and Luxembourg

  • MMC
  • 22 of March 2020

Management Mobility Consulting has adapted its relocation services to the current health situation in France and Luxembourg and offers additional support upon return, with logistics support for expatriates on site and medical care through teleconferences with bilingual doctors.

France: Update on immigration rules in the context of the Covid 19 outbreak

  • MMC
  • 21 of March 2020

Validity of residency documents extended for 3 months for foreigners who already have them.

Shopping in Luxembourg; a renewed experience

  • MMC
  • 13 of November 2019

A brand new shopping centre is aiming to be the beating heart of la Cloche d’Or, a newly built district, next to Gasperich, south of the city centre.

New measures for immigration announced by French Government

  • MMC
  • 7 of November 2019

Wednesday, the French Government revealed a series of measures during the Interministerial Committee on Immigration.

New: children and young persons’ helpline in Luxembourg

  • MMC
  • 23 of October 2019

All parents and children have worries or concerns about school at some point. There may be times when you or your child have questions or feel the need to talk to someone outside the family.

Singapore: an Asian country of choice for expatriates

  • MMC
  • 3 of October 2019

Zoom again on the Expat Insider’s study with Singapore which is a highly acclaimed destination by expatriates and which ranks 4th place

Luxembourg: best economic and job security country

  • MMC
  • 17 of September 2019

As every year for the last 6 years, InterNations has published its Expat Insider survey (over 20,000 respondents). If Luxembourg ranks 12th out of 64 countries, it ranks 1st in terms of economic and job security.

Foreigners Facing Difficulties in Taking Online Appointments at Prefectures in France

  • MMC
  • 20 of August 2019

Foreign non UE assignees living in France are required to take online appointments at French Authorities for immigration issues. This has become incrasingly difficult due to illigal practices.

Back of rent regulation in Paris.

  • mmc
  • 4 of July 2019

First tested from 2014 to 2017, the rent regulation is back in Paris since July 1st.

Event: Guide for one day in Luxembourg

  • MMC
  • 26 of June 2019

#GuideForOneDay offers residents who have recently settled in Luxembourg, a series of tours which are original and authentic.

New Singapore office for Management Mobility Consulting

  • MMC
  • 21 of June 2019

We have the pleasure of announcing the opening of our brand-new office in Singapore!

Management Mobility Consulting, Destination Services Provider of the Year 2019

  • MMC
  • 23 of May 2019

For the 3rd time, Management Mobility Consulting has won the Re:locate Award in the category “Destination Services Provider of the year”.

French Tech Visa, the asset to attract Tech Talents in France

  • MMC
  • 12 of April 2019

Although the number of software developers in Europe continues to grow, Europe currently has more than one million job vacancies in the technology sector.

EPLEI: The French Ministry of Education finally examine the development of International Schools.

  • MMC
  • 13 of March 2019

In February 2019, our representative adopted a law providing for the creation of local public international educational institutions.

Brexit: a mobile app for Europeans wishing to stay in the UK

  • MMC
  • 21 of January 2019

London launches a mobile app for Europeans wishing to stay in the UK.

Destination Malta

  • MMC
  • 18 of January 2019

Management Mobility Consulting is pleased to announce a new partnership with Welcome Center Malta.

Luxembourg at the head of the European Union in terms of housing prices

  • MMC
  • 31 of August 2018

With a quality of life above average, the Grand Duchy is also one of the most expensive European countries for the relocation of employees and their families ...

Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards

  • MMC
  • 6 of July 2018

We are extremely proud to announce that Management Mobility Consulting won the « Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards » 2018 for France from Acquisition International! Thank you so much for your trust!

The electronic registered letter: a plus for expatriates

  • MMC
  • 2 of July 2018

The registered e-letter will be made active from January 1st, 2019.

Sublease: Airbnb and Century 21 sign a common agreement

  • MMC
  • 2 of July 2018

The real estate group Century 21 and the US company Airbnb have signed a historic partnership to facilitate access to the sublease in Paris.

New type of short-term lease

  • MMC
  • 7 of June 2018

The French Government has approved a new type of temporary lease, the so called "Bail mobilité" (Mobility Lease).

Back to school 2019: compulsory education goes from 6 to 3 years

  • MMC
  • 26 of April 2018

At the end of March 2018, the Elysée announced its decision to make compulsory the schooling of children from the age of 3 years. Emmanuel Macron mentioned it publicly that same day at the opening of the “Assises de la Maternelle” which took place in Paris.

French Social Security: Changes for Expatriate Employees

  • MMC
  • 8 of February 2018

Management Mobility Consulting informs you of the changes concerning the social security procedures with the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie) in Paris.

Expats from France and retirement: how do they prepare it?

  • MMC
  • 1 of February 2018

How do expatriated French people prepare there Retirement? The answer in this article. In French!

An international English section for Expat children

  • MMC
  • 19 of January 2018

Management Mobility Consulting present you the new English-speaking international section situated in Buc, Ile-de-France.

At your service: Taxi company for children

  • MMC
  • 15 of January 2018

Management Mobility Consulting is pleased to announce a new partnership with a taxi company specialized in the transportation of children.

BREXIT : Relocating from London to Frankfurt - Information Seminar for Foreign Financial Institutions

  • MMC
  • 26 of May 2017

A specific banking and relocation seminar will be organized for banking institutions interested in relocating business from London to Frankfurt. This exclusive Management Circle event will take place on 11th and 12th of July in London and on 11th and 12th of September 2017 in Frankfurt.

Simplified Social Security Registration Formalities in France for Family Members

  • Article D160-2 du Code de la sécurité sociale
  • 12 of April 2017

Administrative formalities will become less complex to register accompanying family members at the Social Security in France.

Expatriates in France : Anti-pollution stickers will be compulsory in Paris from 15th January 2017

  • MMC, 14.01.2017
  • 14 of January 2017

Driving in Paris your personal vehicle or a company car? Anti-pollution stickers will be compulsory from 15the of January 2017.

Lille : Introduction of Housing Rent Restrictions in February 2017

  • MMC, 28.12.2016
  • 28 of December 2016

From 1st of February 2017 on, housing rental restrictions will be introduced in Lille as it is already the case for Paris.

Management Mobility Consulting wins the 2017 Innovation & Excellence Award

  • MMC, 05.12.2016
  • 5 of December 2016

MMC wins the Innovation & Excellence Award in the category “Excellence in Relocation Management Services”.

BREXIT, quo vadis ? – Expected impacts on workforce mobility

  • MMC, 22.08.2016
  • 22 of August 2016

After the British referendum, companies prepare exodus from London to be ready to relocate their staff. How to get prepared to the Brexit?