Training and Coaching Singapore

Training and Coaching

Prepare Your Assignees to Get Insights Into the new Culture

An assignment in Singapore, “Singa-pora” (“City of the Lion”) from which the name is derived, is a life experience for the transferee and the spouse. Having been impacted by Chinese, Malay and Indian influences, the culture of Singapore is one of the most diverse in the world.

Our tailor-made intercultural training programmes prepare the expatriate and the spouse or partner to the multiple facets of the culture in Singapore.

Depending on the customer’s experiences, needs and expectations, a customized training programme will be set up. The training can be provided in Singapore, in the home country or as a webinar.

Training programmes

Cross-cultural and language trainings:

Management Mobility Consulting coordinates personalized intercultural trainings and language courses for foreign assignees coming to Singapore.

Partner Coaching – Spouse Employment

Spouse job search assistance:

Our specialized job search consultants coach and assist expat spouses during the entire job search process in Singapore.

Foreign assignees coaching:

Our modular coaching programmes provide individual assistance to expatriates coming to Singapore or already living there.

Spouse assistance programme:

Our partner or spouse assistance programmes cover coaching in the areas of professional and social activities in Singapore.