Departure Services Singapore

Departure Services

Administrative Support, Moving Coordination and Return Coaching

Coming home after a long time of expatriation can be a daunting adversity to face in relocation. In particular when the expatriate embraced the culture. Handling the departure process with expertise is the key to a stress-free return for you.

Management Mobility Consulting will help you on your way back home. From departure formalities to moving assistance or even to coach you to better prepare you re-engaging with your own culture.

Our departure services in Singapore include:

Basic departure relocation assistance:

Basic departure relocation assistance: We provide relocation support through lease termination, information on tenant’s responsibilities, disconnection of utilities and cancellation of home insurance in Singapore.

Full departure relocation assistance:

The full service includes final works coordination, bank account cancellation, presence at move-out inspection, management of deposit return.

Training and coaching for the return:

Training programs have been arranged specifically for the needs of expatriates before and after the departure from Singapore. We will provide job search assistance through our international network partners for spouses in the new country.