On-site Assistance Singapore

Individual « à la carte » services

Modular relocation assistance throughout the Whole Expatriation Process

Management Mobility Consulting provides individual relocation assistance and destination services in Singapore at any moment of the expatriation or international transfer.

In addition to our tenancy management and financial lease management packages, we provide individual ad-hoc assistance to our clients to address any needs which may occur during the entire relocation period in Singapore.

This may include a number services to be provided during the assignment in Singapore:

Tenancy management in Singapore:

If you sign up for a tenancy management service with Management Mobility Consulting, our team deals with all housing tenancy related queries on your behalf. Some of the areas we deal with include checking of the rent and any increase, repair coordination, follow-up of maintenance, liaising with the landowner etc.

Financial lease management:

Financial lease management covers the payment of bills related to the accommodation rental and monthly rebilling to the corporate or individual client.

“A la carte” services on the spot:

Should you need any assistance on the spot not included in our list of services, this may be covered by our personalized “à la carte” service. Examples of “à la carte” services may be apartment decoration, repair or cleaning coordination, settling of any issues with your landlord, insurance declarations and claims.