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23 of March 2023

Rent freeze for poorly insulated dwellings: an initiative to combat energy poverty

The French government has decided to freeze rents for F and G rated dwellings for leases signed from August 24th 2022 onwards, as well as for tacitly renewed leases. This measure aims to protect tenants against energy poverty by limiting the high costs of energy consumption in the worst insulated dwellings.

Landlords of F and G rated properties will therefore not be able to increase their tenant's rent for a period of 5 years from the date of signing the lease or the date of tacit renewal. This measure also applies to furnished rentals and subsidised housing.
This decision follows the Climate Energy Law, adopted in 2019, which provides for the introduction of a rent review mechanism based on the energy performance of the property. This rent freeze is a first step to encourage landlords to invest in energy renovation work to improve the performance of their property.

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